After twenty years in the corporate world I made the decision to run my own business. You know owning your own time. I was tired of making other people wealthy and successful. When I realized I could be the CEO of Me I left and never looked back. Scary for sure but one of the best decisions I ever made. Another great decision was to have weight loss surgery. Now almost two years post surgery I cant image life the way I felt before. Down nearly 150 lbs my physical appearance has changed as well as my outlook on the future.

I had the marketing experience, leadership skills, personal motivation and creativity to try something on my very own. So I did! So can you!

Background & Interests

Entrepreneurship, Vice President of Operations for an international service company, Vice President of Marketing for a technology company, General Manager, Call Center Operations,  Strategic Planning, Communications, Public Relations, Non-profit Campaign Director, Technical Writing, various Board roles, Business Expo and Community Board Leadership, lifetime of church activities and as creative outlets…a cake designer, special events, and singer in a non-profit Christian music group.

I would like to say I was an athlete but I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. I can swim and play billiards but no one has agreed to pay me for that yet.

While undergoing gastric bypass I began striving for a more natural and healthy lifestyle. I prefer to only take all natural supplements whenever possible. I’m also obsessed with helping men and women achieve their health and wellness goals.

I am married to a super supportive and charming husband. John makes our cake icing and can make the best BBQ you’ve ever eaten. Remaining close to our families, we built our home on family land in western North Carolina.

My office is in my home, on the back porch, beside the pool, on the beach, in a restaurant with friends, and on my way to the grocery store.

Where would you like to have your office?

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