SO did you do it? Did you create your Dream Board? Did you decide if it was money or time driven?

I’ll share a few items with you on our DREAM board.

  • Pay off mortgage (money driven)
  • Start putting more money into IRAs (money driven)
  • Spending more time at the Beach! (time and money)
  • Giving more back to charities (time and money)
  • Possibly a Beach property (money)
  • Outdoor kitchen (time and money)
  • FREEDOM to not be on someone else’s schedule (time and money)
  • Go see a movie during the middle of the day! (time)
  • Complete a nice home office space (money)
  • Decorate the house for the holidays and enjoy it (time)

Everyone’s idea of FREEDOM is different. Notice I don’t have become a millionaire on the list. While that would be awesome it’s not something I’m specifically working toward. Neither is winning the lottery on there.


Morning photo at Outer Banks NC

When thinking of Finding your FREEDOM you need to focus on things you can at least have some control over, some influence. Leave good luck where it belongs. It’s a great surprise when it happens.

Finding customers or distributors to help you achieve your FREEDOM should not be left to luck, A lot of people secretly think they deserve business to come to them and it will appear somehow. NO! You may get some good luck occassionally but if you want to find the customers/distributors you need to get up off your butt and get them. Now there are many ways to do it. But you must take action. No one is going to grow your business for you.

Now go back and look at our DREAM boards – the things that represent FREEDOM to you. Take off anything that is just good old luck. Spend a little time praying over your DREAMS but please start by thanking the Lord for what you already have now.

About Pamela Josey Pope

Entrepreneur, Female Business Owner, It Works Distribution, Cake Designer, Blogger, All things Happy, Obsessed with living a healthier lifestyle than I did my first 40 years.
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3 Responses to DREAMS

  1. Brenda Josey says:

    You have to have goals. Until they are written down and you have a plan to achieve them,they are just dreams. they are good dreams but you have to write them down for them to be a goal.


  2. Brenda josey says:

    Good info and very motivational.

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