Finding My FREEDOM – Making Money From Home

First official blog post. So don’t judge. I’m on a journey to find my own FREEDOM. I now own my own business. Own my time. Own my life!! So tired of hitting that glass ceiling.

Ladies if you haven’t hit it then you haven’t worked long. Chances are you hit and didn’t even know it. So let’s say you have a few bruises like me, what do you do? Do you continue on enduring the dreams of someone else? No I say! Make your own dreams come true.

Do you want more time with your kids? More time to just prepare the house for the holidays? More time to bake that special birthday cake this year? More flexibility to help family? Do you want the peace and quiet your home can provide? Maybe you’re just an avid bird watcher!


Whatever your freedom looks like for the love of all things happy – go for it. I not only want it for myself I want it for my husband.

  1. First of all you need to determine what your freedom looks like. Get a piece of poster board and few magazines, a good marker and some tape. It might look and sound like a cheap school project but pictures truly are worth a thousand words. Whatever represents your freedom put it on that board.I put it on the back of the laundry room door. When my home office is finished it will be moved I assure you.
  2. Determine if those goals, dreams, freedoms are money or time driven. If it is money try to put a dollar amount above it on the board. If it’s time you need try to determine if it’s a daily, weekly, monthly activity. You get the idea. Write that above the item on the board.
  3. Aim for something to get started. Don’t try to become an expert before you dive in. Start for heavens sake! You’ll figure it out as you go. I’m not talking about reckless abandon, but you may have to take some uncomfortable steps. Take those steps a few times and they are no longer uncomfortable. Just trust me. If you never start you’re certainly not going to get there. Sounds like common sense but think about the number of times you hear, “I wanted to do, or I meant to do, I wish I could…” Yep! A lot of would be could be successful people never get started.
  4. Work in short and focused bursts. Dive in but please come up for air. If you don’t you will drown in the details. I have a habit of being extremely detailed-oriented. It’s hard for me to work on every last detail. I have to force myself to keep it simple. My mother taught me the KISS method in high school. She was a contract trainer in the Real Estate industry. Keep It Simple Stupid. No wonder my Mother was always in high demand.

SO you might be wondering why black green bling? One of my home-based businesses is working with the fabulous natural health and wellness company It Works Global. I’m a Distributor and I love it! Besides – black is always slimming, green is my favorite color and I’m easily distracted by anything shiny – so BLING! BOOM!

Read a little more about me at and see the amazing It Works Products

More work from home FREEDOM-finding thoughts to come. Thanks for being a part of my first blog post.

About Pamela Josey Pope

Entrepreneur, Female Business Owner, It Works Distribution, Cake Designer, Blogger, All things Happy, Obsessed with living a healthier lifestyle than I did my first 40 years.
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1 Response to Finding My FREEDOM – Making Money From Home

  1. Brenda Josey says:

    good for you my dear> loved all the pictures and how everything flowed together. Common sense is not used as much as it should be.Nothing better than simple. I sure would hire you! Great info and cannot wait for your next blog


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